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Mixer - Yamaha 14 Channel EMX5014C 1000Watt Powered

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Yamaha EMX5014C Powered Mixer Features:
Exclusive single-knob compressors on each input control unruly vocals or tighten up a bass guitar
Feedback channel locator LEDs on each input pinpoint problems for easy correction
80Hz highpass filters for eliminating low-frequency noise and rumble
Channel ON switches let you switch individual channels into or out of the mix
PFL (Pre-Fader Listen) switches allow isolated monitoring of individual channels
All input channels feature signal and peak indicators for visual signal monitoring
Linear Aux 1, Aux 2, and Effect return faders with AFL (After-Fader Listen) monitor switches
Stereo master fader with both PFL and AFL monitor switches
has been activated due to power amplifier overload
Power amp mode selector allows 2-channel power amp to be quickly configured for Main + Main, Mono + Aux 1, or Aux 1 + Aux 2 operation
Power amplifier output selector allows selection of 500, 200, or 75-watt output per channel

1 Day    $ 75.00

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